Classic Physique Star Chris Bumstead's Ultimate Shoulders Workout

Chris Bumstead
Steve Smith

Classic Physique Olympia runner-up Chris Bumstead nearly won in September, partly thanks to his bulging, bowling-ball delts that highlighted his shoulder-to-waist ratio, a key feature in the classic look. With a background in powerlifting, Bumstead loves to lift as heavy as possible, working in a few challenging intensity techniques during every routine. He also acts like the bodybuilders from the Golden Age of the sport, who toiled in the gym doing high sets and reps with superheavy poundages.

Below, Bumstead shares one of his favorite delt programs. Feel free to adjust the sets and reps to suit your ability, but use the intensity techniques. He also suggests a thorough warmup and delt hangs to finish the routine. (See the notes beside each move in the workout.)

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