The Changing Landscape of Protein

Protein rich foods including fish, chicken, nuts and beans
Quest Nutrition
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If you look at the trends surrounding the protein-heavy, bodybuilding lifestyle, you may have noticed a lot of changes over the years. Used to be everywhere you looked there was what’s referred to as “Chains & Veins” advertising for protein supplementation. It was foreign, cold and uninviting. The products looked dark and surgical and the bars and powders tasted the same as their exteriors suggested. Now it’s a whole new game.

With more and more brands entering the protein space, we’re living in the most active and interesting times to be a fan of protein supplementation and working out. 


Quest cookies

The most recent entry into this category is the Quest Protein Cookie. It used to be a pair of crazy-haired cookie connoisseurs who dominated this area of the protein cookie market, but following the success of Quest Bars, it makes sense that Quest Nutrition would enter the cookie game with a splash. Feedback from people has been overwhelmingly positive and Quest protein cookies shot to the top of the Amazon sales page after the first day of release. 


It’s not uncommon to browse the protein bar aisle at your local grocery store (because that’s a thing now) and confuse it with the candy bar aisle. With coated protein bars and wild, new experimental flavors like Birthday Cake and Chocolate Caramel Pecan protein bars, it’s becoming easier and easier for health-conscious folks to get in on a healthier lifestyle. No longer do you need to plug your nose before you take a bite of a rock-hard protein bar that tastes like gym socks. 


One thing is for sure, more protein products is a great prospect for you reading this. That means more variety, better nutritional profiles and more options when you go to the store to stock up. If Quest Protein Cookies are any indication, you can expect to see more and more protein-leading products take the reins in the fitness/nutrition space in the coming year.

With carbohydrates (and sugar, more pointedly) increasingly on the chopping block as macros that need to go, there’s more demand and awareness than ever before in the protein space. Which means better flavors, prices, and options for everyone.

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