The 3 Healthiest Quick Packaged Lunches and Dinners

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1. Campbell’s Well Yes! Soup

Campbell's Soup

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The Well Yes! soup line from Campbell’s gives you the sense and taste of hearty home-cooked soups at the convenience and price of a canned option. You’ll recognize every food listed on the soup’s ingredients list because it uses real, natural ingredients and no artificial flavors. 

$3, grocery stores nationwide

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2. Caulipower Pizza


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OMG, zesty! This insanely satisfying and delicious thin-crust pizza is made with heaps of cauliflower and delivers key nutrients like vitamin C, omega-3, and manganese to help prevent chronic disease—and it’s gluten-free. 


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3. Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Healthy Choice Power Bowl

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These all-in-one meals are made with active people in mind. Each flavor combo mixes whole grains, veggies, and lean meats and provides at least 16g of protein and 6 to 8g of fiber, plus healthy carbs. 

$4, grocery stores nationwide

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