The Best Apps for Tracking Your Strength Workouts

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Strength Apps

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There’s an overwhelming number of fitness apps on the market, which can make it difficult to find the one that suits you best. Start by defining your objectives. “Be clear on what you’re looking for in an app,” says Jessica Matthews, a senior adviser for health and fitness education for the American Council on Exercise. Do you want an app that provides you with workout ideas or one that is primarily a workout tracker? Next, “Make sure the user interface meets your needs: Review the features on the company’s website, read user reviews, or poke around on the app yourself.”

Then just try it out. “You’re less likely to consistently use apps that are too time-consuming,” she says. “You may find it has too many features, or you may wish there were a few additional bells and whistles to meet your needs, in which case the app may offer an upgraded or paid version.”

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A database of more than 1,300 exercises with descriptions and animations lets you make custom workouts or choose from already-designed programs. (free; Android and iOS; pro version $5)


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Strong Workout Tracker


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A superclean interface makes it user-friendly for even the tech-challenged fitness fanatic. Track workouts and progress as you go. (free; iOS and Android)

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Fitlist Workout Log & Fitness Tracker


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Log your workouts and plan new ones with a variety of options covering cardio, HIIT circuits, strength, and more. A timer helps you monitor rest and exercise intervals. (free; iOS, Android coming soon)

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