5 CrossFit Workouts to Burn Off Your Body Fat

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Quick and Dirty

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CrossFit loves high-intensity interval training, which is a great way to blast body fat and lean out. You should, too.

Quick and dirty, the following workouts are certain to leave you spread-eagle on the floor, wondering what the hell just happened.

Some of them are AMRAPs (as many reps as possible), and some are meant to be done as quickly as possible. All will help you burn fat and become leaner and, y’know, fitter.

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1. Kelly

Women Outlast Men When It Comes to Exercise, Study Shows

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5 rounds, as fast as possible, of:

Run 400m

30 box jumps — 24” (20” for women)

30 wall balls with a 20-lb medicine ball (16lbs for women) shot at a 10-foot-high target (9′ for women)

This workout comes from Pat Vellner, the fourth-fittest man on Earth in 2017. It involves a little more running than the average lifter is used to, but getting up the heart rate is a great way to cut body fat.

His advice: “Move fast, but recover on the runs then try to attack the other movements and be unbroken as long as you can.”

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2. Nancy

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5 rounds, as fast as possible, of:

Run 400m

15 overhead squats at 95lbs (65lbs for women)

Another Vellner recommendation, this workout combines two grueling movements: a 400-meter run and an overhead squat. After each lap around the track, the last thing you’ll want to do is snatch the bar from the floor and start squatting, but that’s exactly what Vellner says should happen: “Don’t hesitate to start once you’re back from the run. Hands on and go.”

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3. Tabata Mania

5 CrossFit Workouts to Burn Off Your Body Fat

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Tabata pullups
Tabata pushups
Tabata situps
Tabata squats

Ariel Fernandez, a coach at CrossFit Virtuosity and a Regional competitor this year, recommends a simple workout that is anything but easy: Tabatas. In this interval program, you do as many reps as possible for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds for four minutes total (that’s eight sets total). You can try each movement on its own—or combine them all for a face-melting extravaganza. 

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4. Jackie


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As fast as possible:

1000-meter row

50 thrusters (45lbs)

30 pullups

This lung-splattering workout comes from Conor Murphy, a coach at Reebok CrossFit One and a member of CrossFit HQ’s seminar staff. Says Murphy: “It may not take very long, but if approached viscously, your basal metabolic rate () will be elevated for hours after you finish.”

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5. Kettle-Hell

Kettlebell Walking Lunge

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5 rounds, as fast as possible, of:

16 double kettlebell swings at 24kg (16kg for women)

14 double kettlebell front squats

12 double kettlebell walking lunges (6 per leg)

10 double kettlebell push presses

80m double kettlebell farmer’s carry

You’ll never look at kettlebells again after this workout from Sam Orme, who owns CrossFit Virtuosity in Brooklyn and competed in the team division at the Northeast Regional in 2011. If the weight is a little too ambitious for you, you can use lighter kettlebells—but try not to let them touch the ground during the round. 

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