Five Things John Cena Has Been Up To Since WrestleMania

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You Can’t See Him

John Cena

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WWE announced yesterday that John Cena would be making his grand return to the ring on the July 4 episode of Smackdown. However, that raises the question: What has the WWE superstar-turned-Hollywood-celebrity been up to since his last WWE appearance? Turns out he hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs. Here’s what Cena’s been up to since you last saw him in WWE at WrestleMania.

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1. On TV in ‘American Grit Season 2’

John Cena & Cast of American Grit Season Two

FOX via Getty Images

Cena’s FOX reality show returns for a second season this summer, where 17 contestants take on challenging obstacles to get back their grit and earn a cash prize of $250,000. Check out our preview here.

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2. Filming “The Pact”

The Pact


Since playing Amy Schumer’s boyfriend in Trainwreck, Cena’s Hollywood career has exploded—his military film The Wall came out this summer, and he’s currently filming the comedy The Pact for next year, a film about a group of concerned parents who team up to try to stop their children from losing their virginities on prom night. We can only imagine how that turns out.

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3. Voicing Ferdinand the Bull

John Cena in Ferdinand

Courtesy Fox

Cena’s stardom isn’t just limited to live action—he’s also getting in the animated film game. In Ferdinand, Cena plays the kindhearted bull of the same name, who tries to fight against the stereotype that he is destined to fight against a Matador.

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4. Fighting Against Polio With Bill Gates

Nathan Congleton/NBC

While Cena is most well-known in the entertainment business, he has also been a strong advocate of helping people across the globe. Most recently, he has been teaming up with Bill Gates to promote the Polio Eradication Initiative, dedicated to stopping the spread of polio worldwide. Watch Cena’s interview with Gates below:

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5. Being A Family Man

John Cena With Nikki Bella

Orlando Sentinel / Contributor/Getty Images

Cena’s engagement to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania made waves in the pop-culture world, but, since then, Cena and Bella have been quiet about what’s next for them, including the wedding. Cena’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, Brie Bella, also recently gave birth to a baby girl, and we can only imagine what it will be like for Birdie Bella to have John Cena as an uncle.

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