Our Most Popular Butt Workouts

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5 Butt Exercises for the Beach

While many of us feel proud of our butts, others may feel the need for improvement. We’re here to help you with that by putting together a gallery of our most popular butt workouts, in no particular order. Take a look through to see how you can get the butt that you want. 

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5 Fresh Exercises to Lift Your Butt

This 5 Fresh Exercises to Lift Your Butt article provides exercises like a bridge to pelvic lift and weighted squats to add something extra to your butt routine. 

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Build A Better Butt

Who doesn’t want to Build A Better Butt? With exercises like a side kickout (pictured above) and single-leg curls, this workout not only helps you work those glutes, but it also works other body parts like your core, your thighs, and more!

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Best Exercises To Get A Beach-Ready Butt

It’s never too early to start working on the best exercises to get a beach-ready butt. Try moves like a barbell hip thrust or a side-lying clam raise (pictured above), in order to help give your backside a boost!

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Get an Awe-Inspiring Butt

Exercises like a Smith machine booty burner or a side leg press will help you get an awe-inspiring butt that would make anyone jealous. 

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My Fave Way to Build A Perfect Butt

Trust the pros! Our Fave Ways to Build A Perfect Butt article features three IFBB pros discussing what workouts they love to do in order to get those award-winning glutes. 

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Three Easy Moves To Your Best Butt–Ever!

3 Workouts for a Better Bikini Butt

Sometimes all it takes are a few simple movies and a lot of hard work. Luckily, we have our Three Easy Moves To Your Best Butt workout to help you get going!

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The Secret to Great Glutes

The Secret to Great Glutes is revealed in this workout! We’ll give you a peak, it’s good to attack your glute muscles from all angles, because that’s how they respond best! Check out the gallery featuring Ana Delia De Iturrondo for more!

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30 Days of Booty-Blasting Moves

This 30 Day Butt Challenge is great for getting a bigger, toned butt that so many of us long for. 

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Ultimate Glute Workout

With varying degrees of difficulty, the Ultimate Glute Workout has exercises such as a split squat or medicine ball hip thrusts that you can do in order to perfect your backside. 

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3 Workouts for a Better Bikini Butt

3 Workouts for a Better Bikini Butt is pretty straightforward. We give you three exercises to help tighten things up. We also tell you how to eat for a better backside!

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