6 Workout Routines for Better Sex

6 Workout Routines for Better Sex

Despite popular opinion, you don’t want to be stiff while having sex.

Mobility and strength are essential if you want to perform at your best in the bedroom—you have to be flexible. Here’s a workout routine that will work your body holistically, so that every muscle group functions cohesively—rather than bulking random show muscles. This routine will also help you nail some of those not-so-basic positions.

Warm Up for Better Sex

Certain yoga postures are a great primer for sex. Before doing any of the workouts, start with this basic yoga flow for around 10 rounds to help you limber up.

  1. Reach your arms overhead and bend forward, reaching toward the ground. 
  2. ​Place hands on the ground and jump or step your feet back into a plank position.
  3. Slowly lower yourself down into a pushup position, until you are on the ground. Then leaving your legs down, push your upper body up and off the ground while arching your back.
  4. Look straight up into your upward facing dog pose.
  5. Come back down to the floor and push your hips towards the ceiling into downward facing dog. From this position, jump or step your feet back up to in between your hands and slowly come back to standing, stretching your arms overhead.

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