15 Training and Nutrition Mistakes That Wreck Sex on Valentine’s Day

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In case you haven’t noticed the red hearts everywhere since December 26th, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. And that means maximizing the romance factor in whatever type of relationship you have. (Hey, no judgments.) Here, we give you the top training and nutrition mistakes that can interfere with sex on Valentine’s Day (and any other day you want action). You’ll thank us. And so will your girlfriend.

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1) You’re Bypassing Breakfast

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Mom was right: What you eat when you wake up is one of the most important influences on your overall health. Skipping breakfast screws with your blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, and stresses out your cells, explains Chris Asandra, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of NuMale Medical Center, a Wisconsin-based health clinic for men.  Scoop some berries into a non-dairy smoothie with whey powder to boost antioxidant effects. Swap regular milk for almond milk since some studies have shown that dairy can interfere with the absorption of antioxidants, says Dr. Asandra.

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2) You’re Eating Too Much Soy

Tofu, many veggie burgers, some dairy substitutes, and certain protein mixtures contain high levels of soy, says Dr. Asandra. While it can be a great source of protein, some studies say that soy promotes the production of estrogen, which can interfere with men’s testosterone levels and libido, and if consumed in high amounts, even give rise to man boobs, says Dr. Asandra. If you want to avoid soy, check the ingredients on any faux meat products and opt for whey protein powder on your next trip to the supplement store. It’s best to limit soy to minimal or moderate intake to help ensure your sex drive and stamina are in top form on February 14th and beyond, suggests Dr. Asandra.

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3) You’ve Got a Sweet Tooth


OD’ing on sweets causes inflammatory responses in the body, surges in insulin, and increases in cortisol levels, Dr. Asandra says. End result: You’re more likely to pack on fat, interfere with blood flow, and feel too fatigued to last as long as your lady would like. Save those Valentine’s Day candies for after the 14th and opt for dark chocolate-covered strawberries over cake at the end of your dinner date for an antioxidant boost. Dr. Asandra suggests you don’t swap sugar for sugar substitutes, as they can  interfere with hormone production and make sugar cravings even worse.

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4) You’re Eating Too Much Red Meat

One too many burgers, rib eyes, and briskets consumed by men have been scientifically proven to have a negative impact on perceived body odor by women.

Relieve your girlfriend from the burden of holding her breath when you both get sweaty in bed come Valentine’s Day by curbing red meat consumption the week before. And avoid ordering steak on date night. Not only will you smell better and save money; you’ll also lower your risk of cancer from the carcinogenic effects of red meat.

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5) You’re Skimping on Veggies

Eat. Leafy. Greens. Let this be your final reminder, since you’ve likely heard the advice hundreds of times. Add more spinach, kale, Swiss chard, cabbage, and red lettuce to your diet. All are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and omega 3’s, which improves circulation and promotes blood flow to the most important parts of your body, says Dr. Asandra. 

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6) You Hate Drinking Water

Dehydration can lead to fatigue and surges in the stress hormone cortisol, neither of which bodes well for your performance in the bedroom. Make sure you’re getting enough H20, not only on Valentine’s Day, but also 24 hours in advance, advises Pete McCall, MS, an exercise science faculty member at Mesa College in San Diego.

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7) Your Workout is Too Close to Performance Time

Connect Four Bodyweight Workout

The earlier you can pencil in your workout, the better, says Dr. Asandra. A morning workout would be ideal since cortisol levels are naturally highest first thing in the morning. You can burn off this stress hormone—plus offset its impact on increasing your fat storage—with a post-breakfast workout.

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8) You Added “Chest Day” to Your Pre-Nookie Workout

Incline Barbell Bench Press

Heavy chest workouts and isolated triceps exercises are moves to avoid in the 24-hours leading up to your love fest, says McCall. You’ll need these muscle groups not to be aching and tired if you plan on holding yourself over your lady well past bedtime. 

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9) You Forgot to Fuel Up After the Gym

Bodybuilder With Protein Shake

To keep your energy levels on high, your muscles in top form, and your testosterone revved up, aim to consume some mixture of protein and carbs within 30  minutes of your last workout, advises Dr. Asandra. Depriving yourself of a post-workout refuel “increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can make you store fat, and interfere with testosterone production,” he says.

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10) Your Sleep Schedule is a Mess

Testosterone is produced during the REM stages of our sleep cycles, says McCall. Consider a decent amount of zzz’s the night before your Valentine’s Day date one of nature’s best libido enhancers. To make sure nothing gets in the way of your best night’s sleep, lay off booze and caffeine by sunset, and try not to exercise too hard after dinnertime. 

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11) You’re a Caffeine Addict

Pre-workout supplements with high levels of caffeine may boost your adrenaline and energy levels during a workout, but they can keep you from falling asleep and lower your testosterone levels, says Dr. Asandra. Keep the caffeine to a cup or two of coffee in the morning and try not to consume caffeine in any form within three to five hours before bedtime.

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12) You’re Over-Imbibing

If you’ve ever had a “few too many” and experienced trouble getting or maintaining an erection, you already know that overdoing it on the booze on a sexy holiday weekend can undermine even your best efforts to set the mood for a romantic night.

For the best between-the-sheets performance, cut yourself off after two drinks the night of and don’t get drunk the night before and ruin your sleep.

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13) You Didn’t Eat Enough Or Stuffed Yourself to the Gills

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It’s wise not to go to bed famished or stuffed the night before Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re trying to make those abs pop for tomorrow by under-eating or you decided to make the night before your date your “Cheat Day,” a grumbling belly can keep you wide awake, depriving you of those six to eight hours of testosterone production, muscle repair, and energy that can give you a leg up (or hip thrust) come date night.

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14) Your Workout Calendar is Off

Gym Schedule

If Sunday night’s the big date night, Friday is your best bet for a tougher workout, says McCall. Don’t schedule your heaviest sets of the week for the day before or the day of V-Day—or any day your want to maximize performance and energy in the bedroom. To make sure you’ll have the energy to last while maximizing testosterone and human growth hormone response, McCall recommends capping your workouts at one hour or less the day before and the day you plan to have sex to limit metabolic fatigue and mechanical stress, the forces applied to body tissues.

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15) You Over-Trained Your Upper Body

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While McCall says three or four rounds of squats and deadlifts are fine to raise your testosterone levels and keep your range of motion fluid on the day of the big event, he recommends sticking to core workouts and light cardio the day you plan on taking your lady out…or treat her to a romantic evening in.

“Because your quads and glutes are primarily made up of type II, explosive muscle fibers, they’re more susceptible to fatigue and cramping,” says McCall. To avoid Charlie horses throwing a painful wrench into your intimate moments, focus on working the slower twitch (type I) muscle fibers that make up much of your core (as well as your calf muscles), suggests McCall. 

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