The Hottest Male CrossFit Athletes on Instagram

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Our Favorite Hot CrossFit Guys

CrossFitters are known for being insanely fit and motivational. Luckily, they love to share their workouts (and physiques) on Instagram for everyone to admire. Click through to see some of the hottest CrossFitters on social media (in no particular order).

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Stephen Navatetta aka Brooklyn Tank

Instagram / brooklyntank718

Followers: 302K

Why we’re following him: The ripped Brooklyn native has a breakdancing background and has some insane jump roping skills. His bodyweight workout videos are a much watch!

Follow him at @brooklyntank718

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Derek Weida

Instagram / derekweida

Why we’re following him: Derek is a 29-year old wounded veteran who served as a paratrooper in the United States Army. He overcame the obstacle of losing his leg to still kill his workouts in the gym.

Follow him at @derekweida


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Travis Mayer

Instagram / tmayer18

Followers: 13.6K

Why we’re following him: Travis is a fit family man who is a 3x CrossFit athlete. He placed 10th in the 2016 CrossFit games and regularly posts about his diet and training along with family photos.

Follow him at @tmayer18

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Alex Anderson

Instagram / alexanderson29

Followers: 65.7K

Why we’re following him: Alex is a 2x CrossFit athlete. When he’s not posting videos of his training he enjoys fishing and being outdoors.

Follow him at @alexanderson29

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Rasmus Wisbech Andersen

Instagram / rasmuswandersen

Followers: 43.3K

Why we’re following him: Originally from Denmark Rasmus now lives in sunny San Diego and is a 3x Crossfit Competitor. Outside of the gym he’s an adventure junkie that likes skydiving, hiking, rock climbing, and hitting the beach with friends.

Follow him at @rasmuswandersen

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Garret M. Fisher

Instagram / garretmfisher

Followers: 175K

Why we’re following him: Garret started CrossFit at 15 to improve his fitness and hasn’t looked back since. In 2013 he took 5th in the CrossFit games and returned to the competition in 2016. He is also a personal trainer to rapper Rick Ross.

Follow him at @garretmfisher


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Khan Porter

Instagram / iamkhanporter

Followers: 107K

Why we’re following him: This Australian CrossFitter likes to get back to nature with hikes and various other outdoor adventures when he’s not getting a workout in at the gym. 

Follow him at @iamkhanporter

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Lukas Högberg

Instagram / hogberglukas

Followers: 33.9K

Why we’re following him: Lukas is a ripped European from from Skolhom, Sweden. He regulary posts videos of his workouts and  trains with CrossFitters Sara Sigmundsdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir.

Follow him at @hogberglukas 

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Kenneth Leverich

Instagram / kennethleverich

Followers: 74.1K

Why we’re following him: Kenneth has competed in 3 CrossFit games. When he’s not doing a WOD he likes to surf. 

Follow him at @kennethleverich

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Neal Maddox

Instagram / nealmaddox

Followers: 65.6K

Why we’re following him: Neal is a 6x CrossFit Games competitor and owner of CrossFit X-treme. He loves working out and his three dogs. 

Follow him at @nealmaddox

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Lucas Lucco

Instagram / lucaslucco

Followers: 12M

Why we’re following him: Brazilian singer, songwriter, actor and CrossFitter Lucas Lucco has it all—a six-pack, tattoos and even an adorable dog who makes cameos on his Instagram. He refers to his workouts as #FunctionalBodybuilding, and we think that’s a pretty good way to put it.

Follow him at @lucaslucco.

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Rich Froning

Instagram /Rich Froning/Reebok

Followers: 900K

Why we’re following him: Rich Froning has been doing CrossFit for a long time, and has earned the title of Fittest Man Alive multiple times. He definitely has the body to prove it, and he’s always posting videos of his feats of strength.

Follow him at @richfroning.

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Mat Fraser

Instagram / mathewfras

Followers: 556K

Why we’re following him: CrossFit athlete Mathew Fraser is the definition of brains and brawn, attending UVM for Mechanical Engineering while he fully embraces the CrossFit lifestyle.

Follow him at @mathewfras.

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Ben Smith

Instagram / bsmit13

Followers: 318K

Why we’re following him: Ben Smith has competed in 8 CrossFit Games. He’s won first place, second place and two third place titles.

Follow him at @bsmit13.

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Dan Bailey

@sevanmatossian / Instagram

Followers: 449K

Why we’re following him: Dan Bailey is a Rogue athlete who has competed in five CrossFit Games. In 2015, he earned the Spirit of the Games Award.

Follow him at @dan_bailey9.

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Austin Malleolo


Followers: 68.5K

Why we’re following him: Austin Malleolo is a CrossFitter and coach, offering training programs through the HAM Plan and constantly inspiring through his social media.

Follow him at @amalleolo.

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Mikko Salo


Followers: 59.4K

Why we’re following him: Mikko Salo does a lot more than just lift. He’s also a firefighter and rescue diver. In addition to being a verifiable hero, he won the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” by winning the CrossFit Games in 2009.  

Follow him at @mikkosalo63.

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Graham Holmberg


Followers: 80K

Why we’re following him: Graham Holmberg is a Reebok CrossFit athlete who balances fitness with family perfectly. His Instagram is full of adorable pictures of his family as well as his intense workouts.

Follow him at @grahamholmberg

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Josh Bridges

Instagram /xendurance

<p dir=”ltr”><span style=”line-height: 1.6;”><strong>Followers:</strong> 305K</span></p><p dir=”ltr”><strong>Why we’re following him:</strong> Josh Bridges is a lifting machine, and he’s no stranger to a challenge. The former U.S. Navy Seal (he retired from the military in 2016) has competed in four CrossFit Games.</p><p dir=”ltr”><strong>Follow him at @<a href=”” target=”_blank”>bridgesj3.</a></strong></p>

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Noah Ohlsen


Followers: 341K

Why we’re following him: Noah Ohlsen, three-time individual CrossFit Games Veteran, has a great Instagram. It’s not just his impressive lifts and physique, but the awesome posts that the dog lover shares with canine companions.

Follow him at @nohlsen.

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