The 2-Minute Super Bowl Workout

A Better Leg Workout

Whether your team wins or loses, you might fall prey to the Super Bowl festivities and super-size your waist. While there is no true way to boost your metabolism permanently, you can give your body a lift with the right supplements and a training methodology similar to the two-minute drill in football.

Supplemental Strategy

There are three things you can do immediately with supplements that will help.

1. Take Your Aminos 

Make sure your product has at least five grams of Branched Chain Aminos in every dose. BCAAs will provide support you need as you take on those appetizer platters. You’ll need to take two to three extra servings a day with at least one arount your workout to help preserve lean muscle and improve your recovery.

2. Grab a Thermo

Consume a powerful thermogenic agent right after the game to help accelerate your metabolic rate and provide a steady stream of fuel for exercise. A “thermos” will ignite your metabolic activity, and help utilize sugars and fats. Basically, they help cut fat, especially when in a calorie-restricted diet. Some thermos can help curb your appetite too, so taking it before you chow down may help reduce some of your desire to go for another helping.

3. Drink Some Protein

Downing a pregame shake 30 minutes before the festivities, can help curb your appetite. Additionally, the added protein will help balance out the high fat, high carb diet you will encounter during the game. Hit 40 to 60 grams of a low-carb protein shake and add blueberries to help accelerate the fuel utilization process, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation from extended eating.

The Two-Minute Drill


Just like the football version of this drill, this is for an emergency situation.

Every move has to be quick, calculated, and unanticipated by the enemy (your fat). You need to increase your metabolic rate and drive your calorie-burning deep in to the red zone. Hit the weights with fast, efficient, short sets that eat up calories. Since slow and long won’t cut it, general cardio is out. Sure, it helps burn a few calories, but it takes too long and doesn’t push your metabolism hard enough. Instead, your gameplan should be to end your workout with a high-intesity cardio routine.

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You will complete one set of six to eight reps in no more than 20 seconds, then take a 20 seconds of rest then repeat for two more sets. It should take two minutes to finish each exercise of this workout. While you can choose to do several two-minute groupings per body part, the idea is to keep a torrid pace and work as many muscles as possible. To press the pace, you should alternate between push and pull exercises and use machines, cables and dumbbells at a moderate weight. Finally, to finish hard with a strong fourth quarter, end push workouts with 10-second sprints followed by 20- to 30-second walks.

Short, sweet, and effective. Stay focused under the football pressure with the strongest calorie burning defense possible. Repeat this routine three to four times per week, and rest assured that your over-indulgence won’t fight back.

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